Tracey Cheek

I have a significant and diverse business background that has been hugely gratifying, encompassing many of the things I love.  For over 20 years, I owned and operated Aircraft Title Insurance Agency, an insurance agency issuing title insurance policies for aircraft.  My grandfather started the business in 1989, and I began after graduating from college in 1993.  Through very targeted marketing efforts, we grew a sleepy agency with small margins to one of the most recognized and respected title insurance agencies in the aviation industry.

It was an influential experience to be attending graduate school during my early years at Aircraft Title.  At night, I studied at the Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma, and during the day I applied that knowledge in my day to day business activities.  I believe this interaction made my M.B.A., with a focus on Marketing, all the more relevant.  It also established a high level of efficiency in time management and a strong work ethic that remains with me today.

In 2011, I began Building Minds, a for-profit business that taught STEM concepts to kids using Lego bricks.  Along with our interactive, hands-on learning techniques involving gears, pulleys, levers, wheels and axles, I was able to incorporate my love of aviation with a curriculum dedicated to teaching those concepts.  We made learning valuable life skills fun and exciting, offering our programs as summer camps, after school programs, birthday parties and more.  Again, through a very targeted and focused marketing campaign, this start-up with a tight budget rapidly grew into a full scale thriving business.

Along with these unique experiences, I have also had the honor and pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors of esteemed aviation industry associations.  In this respect, I was able to assist with rebranding efforts for the National Aircraft Resale Association, and with marketing efforts for the National Aircraft Finance Association.  I also enjoy volunteering in the community, especially helping to coach my children’s’ soccer teams.

It is each of these gratifying experiences, whether business-related, educational, or extra-curricular, that I pull from in order to better focus my clients marketing efforts.  I have had a gratifying career in learning the best marketing practices, and I look forward to continuing to help others in their endeavours.