marketing services

Don’t have the resources to hire a full time marketing director? Don’t have the time, energy or desire to handle that yourself? I can help.

Most of my clients come to me with great ideas, but no time or energy to implement them. They want me to turn their ideas into a reality. They love having someone they can just hand everything over to without worrying any more about it.

As your Virtual Marketing Director, I will take a broad look at your organization, its processes and procedures and its current marketing efforts (as applicable). I will work to understand your systems and have conversations with clients and referral partners to better understand how everything works….what works well, and what needs improvement. From there I create and implement a marketing plan that will grow your business.

I believe strongly in targeted marketing. Extremely targeted marketing efforts yield better financial returns. I truly enjoy the process of identifying ideal prospects and customers, and creating plans specifically designed to target them.

Implementation of a marketing plan is an ongoing and dynamic process. There is no “one size fits all” plan that can apply to each and every company. Plus, as technology and market factors change, your plan will also change. As a Virtual Marketing Director, create long term relationships with clients, so I can be available to you as you need. I give constant feedback on your ongoing marketing efforts and am available to explore new opportunities with you as they arise.