Marketing Consulting

Caring For Our Clients

Many small business owners often feel alone or overwhelmed with their marketing efforts and don’t know where to turn or who to talk to. Many Trade Associations are volunteer based, and as such, don’t have a consistent marketing plan or strategy. TLC Marketing offers consulting services to help organizations develop or refine their own marketing plans that they can then implement themselves.

Marketing Plans:  Do you need help with marketing, but don’t have money for ongoing marketing servcies?  No worries.  We care about you, too.  For a one-time fee, we can create a marketing plan that is right for you and then show you how to implement it yourself.  We can even include periodic review of your implementation efforts with suggestions for ways to improve.

Unsure of your current marketing plan?  Are you marketing to your industry, but unsure of what you are supposed to be saying and to whom?  That’s actually more normal than you would think.  TLC Marketing can help define your target market and the message you want to send, so you can incorporate that into all you do.

Brainstorming Session:  Have the marketing efforts that used to work grown stale.  Do you need a refresher course?  Or just someone to bounce ideas off of?  We know small business owners can wear many hats, and often lack the sounding boards they need to take their marketing efforts to the next level.  Most people are probably not comfortable calling traditional marketing firms and asking them if they can just bounce a few ideas around with them.  But we love brainstorming sessions!  Offered through one-hour sessions, we are happy to help you come up with ways to improve your marketing efforts on your own.  No commitment.  No long term obligations.

Media Management: Most of our clients get solicited by industry publications on a regular basis.    Advertising in these magazines can be very costly.  It is hard to keep track of it all and decide which publications work best for your business.  Fear of missing a great opportunity can lead clients to spend too much on advertising with little to no return on their investment.  We help clients sort through the noise to determine which publications are best, and which should be ignored and why.   Understanding your why can help clients better manage these solicitations on an ongoing basis.

Event Marketing:  Most Member Organizations have in-person events that allow members to come together on a regular basis.  Events can also serve as revenue drivers for member associations.  Event frequency varies by association, but the one constant is that event planning and marketing is time consuming and can be a burden on volunteer organizers.  TLC Marketing specializes in event marketing and creates plans that increase attendance at Association Events.