Association Marketing

Caring About Your Association

We love working with Member Organizations to help them increase revenues through membership growth, sponsorship offerings and event marketing plans. We specialize in 501 (c)(6) Trade associations whose general purpose is to improve business conditions for its members. Our clients tend to be associations who are mostly volunteer-run, but who are outgrowing their all-volunteer status. Volunteers are wonderful, and many successful trade associations become great because of the volunteers who serve tirelessly for the cause. TLC Marketing offers consulting services to help small businesses and member organizations develop or refine their own marketing plans that they can then implement themselves.

TLC Marketing works with Trade Associations to find solutions that help take the heavy load off the volunteers, while still allowing them to participate, manage and stay involved in the association they love.

Services we currently offer to clients:

Creating and Maintain the Vision - Board seats change and Presidents come and go, often on an annual basis.  Maintaining a consistent vision across all leadership changes can be challenging.  TLC Marketing can help clients clearly define their mission, vision and values, and maintain them across the organization and all of its marketing and management efforts.

Membership Growth - Membership in an association is only as good as the benefits members receive from their membership.  Surprisingly, many trade associations have not clearly defined the benefits they offer their members, which makes it difficult to attract new members.  We drive member growth by helping associations clearly define and market the benefits of being a member of their organization.

Member ManagementBringing new members into an Association is only one aspect of what we do.  You can’t just ignore them once they join.  From welcoming new members, to managing member profiles on the Organization’s website, to handling annual billing and finances, TLC Marketing can help with whatever Member Management needs are most burdensome or onerous to the volunteers currently handling them.

Increased Revenue – In addition to membership dues, member organizations can increase revenues through sponsorship offerings.  We help trade association increase revenues using dynamic and exciting sponsorship offerings.

Event Marketing  - Most Member Organizations have in-person events that allow members to come together on a regular basis.  Events can also serve as revenue drivers for member associations.  Event frequency varies by association, but the one constant is that event planning and marketing is time consuming and can be a burden on volunteer organizers.  TLC Marketing specializes in event marketing and creates plans that increase attendance at Association Events.

Event Planning­ – Event Marketing and Event Planning are separate sides of the same coin.  You can’t market an event that doesn’t exist, and you won’t have much of a turnout for an event that isn’t well marketed.  TLC Marketing offers both services to clients, and can create packages that can include either one or the other, or both, according to what best meets the needs of the Association.