Virtual Marketing Director

Don’t have the resources to hire a full time marketing director? Don’t have the time, energy or desire to handle that yourself? I can help. Most of my clients come to me with great ideas, but no time or energy to implement them. They want me to turn their ideas into a reality..

Website Redo

Is your website so old and outdated, you are afraid to send clients to it? Or, do you love it, but it is no longer mobile friendly? And what about the content? Does it say what you want it to? Is it driving business to your organization?


In the process of updating your website, have you discovered your logo is as outdated as your site? Do you need a fresher look or some tag lines to enhance your brand?


It is true that apps are not for everyone, but the numbers don’t lie. More searches are now being done on mobile devices than desktop computers. While everyone is racing to make sure their website is mobile friendly, apps are sneaking in the back door providing options and ease of communication that a mobile friendly site could only dream of.

Paid Advertising

Are you paying for Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, but have no idea if your efforts are paying off? Do you feel the need to implement Paid Advertising campaigns online, but have no idea where to begin? And what about traditional advertising? Is that still relevant for your business? I can create a Paid Advertising campaign that makes sense for your business, and track results so you can understand how it is benefiting your bottom line.