Trade Association Marketing

I am a marketing consultant with 20 years of experience owning, operating and marketing my own small businesses. I understand more than marketing, I understand business. Over the years, I have learned what it means to operate on a budget. I understand the need of business owners with limited marketing budgets to feel their money is being well spent, and the desire to see measurable results from their marketing efforts. I appreciate the importance of working with clients to create marketing plans specifically designed to meet the unique needs of their individual businesses. I thrive on finding effective and efficient marketing options that make sense for your organization.

I also have the pleasure of working with trade associations to help grow their organizations. Trade associations are unique in that they are made up of individual members, often with different goals, target markets and ideas. I enjoy the challenge of combining all of those ideas into a single vision that helps grow the organization by optimizing the value each member receives from its membership.

If you feel like traditional marketing is too expensive or doesn’t fit your budget or needs, then call or email me. I would love talk to you further. No pressure. No expectations. Just a conversation to see if anything I do makes sense to you.